2008. Moore, Thelma. “Career and Technical Student Organization Lead Advisor Training.” Maryland State Department of Education CTSO Conference, Timonium, MD.

I can’t find the presentation but I have pictures!

2007. Moore, Thelma. “SkillsUSA Program of Work.” SkillsUSA Maryland Annual Conference, Ocean City, MD.

During the presentation I spoke to approximately 400 SkillsUSA Maryland student chapter leaders about the Skills USA Program of Work. The program of work is a way for the student leaders to organize their chapter, set the calendar and communications for the year. During the conference I also had a tremendous amount of contact with […]

2002. Moore, Thelma. “Introduction to Networking,” MICCA Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD.

During this presentation I covered the basics of networking including the following: What is a network? Types of Networks (Ethernet, Token Ring) Hubs, Switches, Routers Ethernet Cables TCP/IP Clients, Servers Network Operating Systems I don’t have a copy of the presentation but do have a few pictures.

COVAAC Presentation

Today, I presented a seminar to the Coordinators of Volunteers of Anne Arundel County. The presentation was on Social Computing: Wikis, Blogs, Podcasts, Facebook, YouTube, and and other topics. The participants were great and I had a very nice time. The links that we will use for today’s presentation are posted below: http://www.gmail.com http://www.youtube.com http://www.facebook.com […]

2007. Moore, Thelma. “Social Computing in the Enterprise.” MICCA Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD.

I attended the MICCA conference today in Baltimore, MD. I also presented my paper Social Computing in the Enterprise. I have been a member of MICCA on and off since 1998. I have presented three times. I always meet great people and learn a lot. The keynote speaker today was David Warlick. He told us […]